This Pavilion, surrounded by old-growth fir and cedar trees, was designed to accommodate firewood stored at various moisture levels. Freshly split wood dries quickly when both sides of the end grain are exposed. The shed touches the ground lightly, minimally disturbing the rain-forest floor. The parts of the structure that touch firewood or the structure that is near the ground has been scorched and tarred to deter rot-causing organisms. The thin, rigid roof was created by bending plywood over the frame and fastening it to a temporary support. Consecutive layers of plywood were then bonded with waterproof glue and short screws. When the laminate was cured the temporary support was removed, revealing a simple, light shell. All lumber was site milled from local, selectively horse-logged Douglas fir. The secluded pavilion brings the owners into a part of the property - only a few meters from their home - that they would otherwise rarely visit.