Galiano Island
British Columbia, Canada

Galiano, an island in the Southern Gulf Island archipelago, is located between the Vancouver mainland and Vancouver Island. This small island, which was a summer fishing camp for the Coast Salish people for thousands of years, is home to about 1500 permanent residents- a number which can easily increase fourfold in the summer. While the community has no significant gathering place, there is an intersection where one finds a market, cafe, post office, pub, small multipurpose hall, lumber yard-hardware store, grocery store- liquor store, firehall and care home. A place for art related events is being considered for this site.

The project is to be built in phases, slowly introducing the community to the site one event at a time. It will eventually include; a gallery, cafe, small library, space for small dance classes, a small cinema and an outdoor performance space - all set within a park.

The Galiano site in winter, 1999